Joyce Loo
             began her creative career since 2007 where she gave up her lucrative job to pursuit her passion in arts. Joyce artworks displayed her strong affinity to nature and earth, where she creates clay sculptural forms inspired from flora and fauna. A self-taught artist of great ingenuity, her works are a visual harmony on colours, textures and a composition of her sensibilities towards nature. She was represented in several local and international exhibitions such as 2005 in Japan Ceramics International Workshop and in 2008 The Cannakkale University Fine Arts of Turkey for workshop and exhibition. Joyce 1st solo exhibition “My Eden” was held at the Fort Canning Park in 2010 and in the same year her ceramic work was selected for the Korea Art Fairnale.

She works in her studio cum gallery at the Wessex estate. Most of her works were bought and collected by private collectors.

Recently she set up the Viridian Art House at Foot Hill of Fort Canning Park with a group of artists.

Please email or call me for appointment

Address: Blk 10 Woking Road #01-01 S'pore 138691

Mobile: 9838 6765


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